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a listening, laboring, learning partner


about me


sadada is a student of practice: she lives in her body and vacations in her mind. she has earned two masters: a master's in theological studies from harvard in indigenous traditions, and a master's in education from umass in secondary english language arts through boston teacher's residency program and her bachelors of art in theater with a minor in english from umass as well.  she is a 200-hour trained hatha and therapeutics yoga teacher. she trained with bo forbes.  sadada is an embodied justice teacher who works as a coach, consultant, and facilitator. she works with individuals and groups who do the work of healing and education. the aim of her work is to end the relational and the structural violence impacting black and indigenous people sadada is nipmuc.


about my work

since 2012, i've provided professional consulting services to clients in the public, private, and non-profit sectors. from leadership development to instructional solutions, my focus is always curating the causes and conditions for ethical practice and ethical practitioners. i'll work with you and your team to create a customized plan of action and support you in its successful implementation. i believe in maintaining a clear and generative mindset, creating working partnerships that are purposefully and mutually engaging, and always working towards significant outcomes.


i have a deep commitment to justice, access, love, and liberation for everyone in all contexts. i work generously with my clients to ensure satisfaction in the work we do together. contact me for an initial conversation and learn more about how i can tailor my offerings to meet your needs.


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