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Womxn of Color Symposium at Harvard Graduate School of Education April 27, 2019

Join us on this day as we center and prioritize womxn of color communities at Harvard. I will be offering an engaged reflective, compassionate and in the body workshop, "Our Bodies Our Text: Rewriting the Stories of Our Bodies"

Registration for the WoCC Symposium: Head, Heart and Healing is now live! Please register here if you would like to attend and RSVP for the reception/mixer after the event so the planning team can collect an estimated head count and order the appropriate quantities with catering.

Registration closes on April 15, 2019 so don't delay!

Note: You don't have to be a self-identified womxn or femme of color to attend...just know that the Symposium program is organized with womxn/femmes of color at its center and as its priority. The reception/mixer is intended for womxn/femmes of color.

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